Folding System-ARP(Axis Rotation Positioning)

Changebike’s patented folding frame is unique. Unlike other folding frames, which depend on a hinge amid the main support beam that is prone to loosening over time, Change frame swivels around the vertical axis that runs through the seat tube. This leads to a smaller, more portable folded state. It also keeps the frame safe and stable throughout its lifetime. The frame can be locked into place firmly. It will not accidentally fold or unfold at an inappropriate time, yet locking/unlocking it is a snap and can be done without tools.

Special Notch Designed On Seat Stay

The special notch allows the front wheel to be locked onto the frame, using a mere reversal of the same process by which it was unlocked. The entire folded unit can be carried with one hand.

Locking Device

Changebike’s patented quick release also functions as a locking device. It works almost instantly and includes a safety catch to keep the frame in the state desired. This device enables safety and convenience.