Mountain Folding Bike

27.5 mountain folding bike changebike df-812g
27.5 mountain folding bike changebike df-812g
27.5 mountain folding bike changebike df-812g
27.5 mountain folding bike changebike df-812g
27.5 mountain folding bike changebike df-812g
27.5 mountain folding bike changebike df-812g

By providing the necessities for anyone serious about mountain biking and also requiring the portability of a folding bike, this mountain bike has everything you will need. The Shimano Deore 20 speeds and the FOX Performance FIT4 three adjustable front suspension ensures the possibility of plenty of off-road riding, and the folding frame design means you are going to have plenty of options for transporting or stowing this bike.

  • FOX Performance fork, Shimano Deore groupset 20 Speeds, 12.8kg.
  • Frame: Diamond triangular design.
  • The Only folding frame achieves MTB frame safety test ISO 4210.
  • Internationally Patented Folding System.
  • Strongest, Smallest, Lightest, 100% Part Compatibility, Tooless.


Speeds Shimano Deore 20 Speeds
Size/Color 17",19",21"/Dark Green
Frame Aerospace-Grade Aluminum 7005 Double Butted,Taiwan Made
Front Fork FOX Performance 32 Float 27.5 FIT4,1.5T,Travel:100mm
Shifter Shimano Deore SL-M6000
BB Shimano Deore
Front Derailleur Shimano Deore FD-M6025 2x10S
Rear Derailleur Shimano Deore RD-M6000 10S
Sprockets Shimano CS-HG500 11-42T
Chain Shimano Deore
Crankset Shimano Deore FC-M627 38x24T 170mm
Brake Shimano Deore BL-M615
Wheels Mavic Crossride 27.5
Tire Kenda 27.5x2.1
Handlebar Alu. Barbore 31.8mm,Length:580mm
Stem Alu. 31.8mmx55mm,Steerer:28.6mm
Seat Post Alu. 31.6mmx300mm
Saddle Prologo Scratch Pro
Pedal Wellgo Bearing QRD C-128
Quality Carry Bag Change Bike
Weight 12.8kg



27.5MTB changebike size

27.5 mtb folding frame changebike df-833g

100% Taiwan Made / Design / Assembly

Aluminum 7005 Lightweight Double butted and Hydroforming tubes. T.I.G Welding

The Change folding bike frame retains the same tried-and-true triangular shape that's been used in bicycles for generations. This enables a lighter weight and greater stability than what's found in the linear designs of other folding frames. In fact, to the untrained eye, the Change frame can pass for a standard bicycle. It won't attract any attention until its owner folds or unfolds it.

  • Internationally Patented Folding System.
  • Diamond Triangular Design.
  • The ONLY Folding Bike that has passed the ISO 4210 MTB frame test.
  • Sturdiest, Smallest and Lightest folding bike; Precise alignment.
  • Fold it Quickly, Simply without using any tools.

27.5 mountain folding bike changebike df-812g

27.5 mountain folding bike changebike df-812g

FOX Air Mountain Bike Suspension Forks

Performance 32 FLOAT 100 FIT4

Lightweight version of FOX's patented FIT4 cartridge system provides three on-the-fly compression damping positions—Open, Medium, and Firm—to adapt to varying trail conditions.

  • Open Modo - Open mode has the lightest low-speed compression damping of the three modes. Open mode offers the most plush ride to ensure optimal traction over varied terrain.
  • Medium Modo - Medium mode offers less compression damping than Firm mode. Use this setting when pedaling on undulating terrain, and for preventing excessive travel in technical riding situations (such as low-speed drops). Medium mode is a great all-around setting for most terrain types and riding styles.
  • Firm Modo - Firm mode is a very firm low-speed compression setting. This setting is most useful for climbing and sprinting.
27.5 mountain folding bike changebike df-812g
27.5 mountain folding bike changebike df-812g

27.5 mountain folding bike changebike df-812g

Rear Derailleurs, Cassette Sprockets

Shimano Deore 20 Speed Group

The new DEORE has been achieved and is the group of choice for many different bikes and riding styles. From cross country to trail, from hardtail to full suspension, DEORE has something for every need. What’s more, DEORE components are top quality and highly durable.

27.5 mountain folding bike changebike df-812g
Crank, Chain
27.5 mountain folding bike changebike df-812g
27.5 mountain folding bike changebike df-812g
Hydraulic disc brake, Shifters

27.5 mountain folding bike changebike df-812g
Integrated seat post and well-known PROLOGO saddle
27.5 mountain folding bike changebike df-812g
WELLGO high-quality bearing detachable quick release pedal
27.5 mountain folding bike changebike df-812g
French well-known MAVIC MTB wheel sets Crossride
27.5 mountain folding bike changebike df-812g
Change Carry Bag

changebike travel

Always take the bike with you.

Your Best Travel Mate

Change lightweight folding bike is specifically made for long distance travel, including by air travel, in an RV, yacht as well as any other form of transportation that involves stowing a bike into any kind of luggage compartment, in addition to also being conveniently transportable for any short distance commuting. The advantage of a 27.5" wheel / 700C touring bike is it is easy to repair and find replacement parts no matter where you are in the world.

A folding bike can be safely stowed in a bus luggage compartment. Since it is not any bigger than a small suitcase, folding bike travel is the best way to get around a city. Between bus trips, someone can get around a city without worrying about carrying it on the subway or facing traffic, and they can save money on paying for taxis or renting cars. With there being new cycling lanes constructed in many different places, a folding bicycle is a viable and safe alternative to public transportation.


Other Folding Bikes

Folding mechanism design

  • The Full Triangular Structure Design, no cutting or Perforating tube.
  • Obtained Innovation patents Internationally.
  • Double-Quick Release. (Including second safety-locking device)
  • No any mechanical part on top tube, no fear of staddling the bicycle.
  • Down tube is a key support of a bike. Without down tube, the bike can't withstand the heavy. It is also able to prevent splashing water directly on bottle.

  • Use folding boxes or single-beam designs.
  • Does not comply with the principles of mechanics.
  • Defective structure by cutting or perforating tubes.
  • No down tube-the frame becomes weaker. Single locks employed.
  • Folding mechanical parts designed on top tube or aside, it is easy to hook the clothing or interference when straddling the bicycle.

Frame geometry

  • The folding design doesn't destroy the frame geometry, so it can be applied to various folding bikes (eg: mountain or road bikes) to achieve the best frame geometry.
  • 27.5 inch full size bike is low center of gravity, allowing greater stability.
  • The folding design limited the frame geometry, can only reach approximate, not the best frame geometry.
  • Single-beam design has long lever arm which fits lower tolerance small folding bike. Yet, it is high certer of gravity, unstability, easy to fall down when riding downhill rapidly.

Safety certification

  • It is the ONLY folding frame design to achieve strictly MTB frame safety test, ISO 4210 certification.
  • Frame and Front Fork Assembly-Impact Test (Falling Mass)
  • Frame and Front-Fork Assembly-Impact Test (Falling Frame)
  • Fatigue Test with Pedaling Forces
  • Fatigue Test with Horizontal Forces
  • Fatigue Test with Vertical Forces
  • Unable to pass the tests.

Frame size availablity

  • Multi-size frame available (17", 19", 21") to meet people of different height and ergonomic.
  • Most folding design can only make one-size folding bike, does not match the ergonomic.

Folded size

  • Smallest (Compact)
    Front triangle frame enables folded ( close to a 27.5-inch) that can be easily placed in the trunk and the front wheel can be fixed on special natch to prevent scratching the bike body.
  • Bigger
    Part of the front triangle frame can not be folded.

Can stand after folding?

  • Able to Stand after folding.
  • Several Designs
    Unable to Stand after folding.

Automatical chainwheel protection device (Chainwheel won't touch ground after folding)

  • It is the only one to have chainwheel protection device. Seat tube automatically elongates to avoid chainwheel hitting ground after folding. While riding (unfolded), it automatically retracts to avoid affecting the ride. These are all the automatic reaction, without any additional actions during folding.
  • No Chainwheel Protection device.
  • U-shaped bracket of chainwheel protection is welded. It would be hitting something when riding.

Special notch hook design

  • There is a special natch designed at chain stay to fix the removed front wheel. The entire folded unit can be carried with one hand.
  • No fixed front wheel design, needs to carry it by another hand.

The weight of the bike

  • By Triangular geometric mechanics to achieve the strength, reduce bike weight to less 10KG.
  • Single beam tube design doesn't match Triangular geometric mechanics so it has to informce pipe thickness and hings, and increase tube diameter lead to bikes become heavier.

Part compatibility

  • 100% part compatibility. Replace Change frame, your bike can become MTB folding bike.
  • Many non-standard (customized) folding mechanisms makes the difficulty in obtaining spare parts, and causes higher maintenance costs.

Storage design of carry bag

  • The carry bag is waterproof and double fabric protection design at the bottom to increase load.
  • Folded dimensions close to a saddle size, like a small pouch.
  • Carry bag normally is designed to be a big bag. When you carry a folding bike to go out for riding, you may find no place to put the bag.
27.5" MTB Kick Stand
27.5 mtb kick stand changebike
Rear Rack
rear rack changebike
Adapter of Rear Rack
adapter of rear rack changebike
Front Fender
front fender changebike


Folding bike - Folding Demonstration

Folding bike - Unfolding Demonstration

Demonstration for carry bag of mountain bike

Demonstration for MTB carry bag storage

User's Manual


Mountain folding bike - Unboxing & Assembling